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> Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
>> 2010/2/8 Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com>:
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>>> Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
>>>> Hello Zope Developers,
>>>> I am packaging many Zope libraries for Ubuntu. But my packages were
>>>> rejected by archive admin because the source tarballs do not satisfy
>>>> the inclusion requirements.
>>>> >From https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic#Copyright :
>>>>   * The upstream tarball must contain verbatim copies of all licenses
>>>> that are used by the files in the tarball. References to URLs or paths
>>>> to system files (such as /usr/share/common-licenses/) are not
>>>> sufficient. The license(s) must accompany the source code.
>>>> Every file under the ZPL has a sentence "A copy of the ZPL should
>>>> accompany this distribution." in it's header. But that's not the case.
>>>> Very few packages ship a ZopePublicLicense.txt in their source.
>>>> Reading the ZPL, its first condition is:
>>>> 1. Redistributions in source code must retain the
>>>>    accompanying copyright notice, this list of conditions,
>>>>    and the following disclaimer.
>>>> Since this condition is not met, such packages cannot be legally 
>>>> distributed.
>>>> Who will add a copy of the license to each package in Zope SVN? When?
>>>  $ wget \
>>>   http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/Z/Zope2/Zope2-2.12.3.tar.gz
>>>  $ tar tzf Zope2-2.12.3.tar.gz | grep -i license
>>>  Zope2-2.12.3/src/ZServer/medusa/dist/license.html
>>>  Zope2-2.12.3/ZopePublicLicense.txt
>> I am talking about the packages making up the ZTK and ZopeApp. I am
>> packaging each of them separately -- see
>> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/u/menesis . Each one, even the smallest
>> ones like zope.size, zope.filerepresentation, zope.app.zcmlfiles has
>> to contain a license in their source tarballs.
> I've got no objections to having that file copied to each of those
> packages and new releases made, but it isn't my itch to scratch.
>  $ for pkg in $(cat list_of_package_branches_needing_zpl.txt); do \
>     svn cp -m "Add ZPL text" $ZSVN/Zope2/trunk/ZopePublicLicense.txt \
>                              $ZSVN/$pkg; done
> should be a start.  Making new releases and uploading them is left as an
> exercise for the reader.  I will note that Christian Theune is about to
> run a big script updating all comment headers to indicate copyright
> assignment to the Zope Foundation:  perhaps you would coordinate with
> him, as he will likely be doing a release-and-upload-geddon after that
> change.

I know that copyright is about to be changed to Zope Foundation. A
perfect time to ensure the license is there.

> In the mean time, you could patch the file in via your debian/ control
> stuff, I guess.  The Ubuntu / Debian interpretation of "legality of
> distribution" is not controlling outside their universes, I think.

Yes, I was told that patching the source to add the file would be
enough to get them accepted.
Provided that I ask the upstream developers to do that in the future for real.
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