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Christian Theune wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I've been talking to some people in the last weeks trying to figure out
> how to build upon the good things Martijn brought to the developer
> community over the last year but also avoiding the troubles he experienced.
> For starters, I'd like to introduce real-time meetings that we can use
> to organise ourselves better. I suggest those to happen on IRC.
> Let's consider this as an experiment without too much overhead, so I'll
> just start running those meetings through the month of March. I will be
> on IRC and I'd be happy to talk to people about whatever they think
> relevant for improving the developer community and/or Zope and I'd be
> happy if some of you actually show up. I'll also create a summarized
> report of the meeting and send that out to zope-dev so whatever happens
> remains visible for the rest who could not attend.
> Rules
> -----
> Location
>     freenode, #zope
> Rhythm
>     weekly, every Tuesday in March on 3pm UTC
> Duration
>     *exactly* 30 minutes, guaranteed
> Report
>     I will send the IRC log and a summary to zope-dev, maybe publish to
>     wider audience.
> Moderation
>     I will moderate the meeting (for now) and will walk us through the
>     agenda and keep an eye on the clock.
> Agenda
> ------
> To keep the meeting constructive and focused I will take the lead on
> moderating what we discuss. Please send topics you'd like to talk about
> to me by mail (c...@gocept.com) and I will compile an agenda. I'll do some
> upfront prioritization and give a short period at the beginning of the
> meeting for attendees to challenge topics they feel I mis-prioritized.
> Time rules
> ----------
> The meeting will take exactly 30 minutes - after that I *will* wrap up
> and create the summary. I'd like the meeting itself to focus on
> organisational issues, not directly solving/discussing technical issues
> or getting work done. As I want this to spur action, you're free (and
> welcome!) to stay after the offical part and go into the topics further.
> Warning
> -------
> I know that I'll fill both a moderator role and have my own stakes in
> the topics, so please bear with me if I'm struggling balancing that.

Sounds good -- I'll try to be there.  It might be helpful to send out a
reminder a bit earlier in the day, so that those of us still in a
caffeine-depleted state can remember to make it.  If the reminder
includes the agenda, that might help get people's ideas flowing, too.

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