as promised I'm currently trying to write down the instructions for
running ZTK tests. I need some feedback on our process.

I figured there are various scenarios for which we have tools:

1. Ensure that a branch of the ZTK stays in working order

For that the ZTK has test runners created by z3c.recipe.compattest which
ensures that the individual tests of the ZTK packages with their
respective dependencies using the specific ZTK versions are ok.  This
helps when evolving the versions in the ZTK.

Those should be run nightly as is done by some of the buildbots.

2. Ensure that a change of a package doesn't break the set

2a: ensuring compatibility with a specific branch of the set

The developer working on package X can use a compat test runner and a
specific ZTK buildout configuration to run the other packages' tests
combined with the development version of package X.

This can/should be done by individual developers for the
(newest/olders?) ZTK version they target their change for.

If we can encode the "target ZTK" version for a specific package in that
packages' configuration then we can also have nightly builds that
perform this verification automatically. I'm not sure how to encode
that, though, because the relation between the package and the ZTK is
usually defined the other way around.

2b: ensuring ongoing compatibility of the trunks

In addition I wonder how the various trunk versions of ZTK packages
should relate to each other. Should they always build? Should we accept
breakage of all trunks with each other or not?

Also, there is not version of the ZTK (I think) that specifies 'use the
trunk of everything', right?


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