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> 2b: ensuring ongoing compatibility of the trunks
> In addition I wonder how the various trunk versions of ZTK packages
> should relate to each other. Should they always build? Should we accept
> breakage of all trunks with each other or not?
> Also, there is not version of the ZTK (I think) that specifies 'use the
> trunk of everything', right?

IMO, there should rarely, if ever, be changes on the trunk that aren't
in the most recent known good ZTK distribution.
The way I've done this is:

- Check out the ZTK
- Check out a working copy of the package(s) of interest and
  build as develop eggs with the rest of the ZTK.
- Hack till I'm happy and the ZTK tests pass.
- Check in changes to the packages and make new releases.
- Update the ZTK buildout to use the new releases and test again.
- Test with multiple Python versions.
- Check in changes to a branch of the ZTK.
- Run tests of the branch on windows. If they pass, merge the ZTK
branch to trunk.
  With buildbouts, ideally there'd be a stage branch we could merge
to, wait for the
  buildbots to to their thing and then merge to trunk when tests pass
on all platforms.

I really think we want to avoid long-lasting unreleased trunk changes
to or long-lasting
newer releases not in the KGS for ZTK packages.


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