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Christian Theune wrote:
> On 03/04/2010 04:13 PM, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 2:42 AM, Fabio Tranchitella <kob...@kobold.it> wrote:
>>> * 2010-03-03 21:44, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>>> The ZTK was created in part to deal with instability issues arising from
>>>> people working on parts without testing the whole.
>>> I suppose everybody here agrees that any change to a package which is part
>>> of the ZTK *must* be tested against the whole ZTK.
>> It would be great if that were true.  
> That's been my understanding all the time. I think we currently don't do
> it because it might be non-obvious to the individual developers at the
> time of check-in and due to underused tools.
> We may not require that a single developer run all test suites in all
> combinations we desire to be compatible, but with the ongoing effort to
> improve the nightly/automated builds we should get into better shape there.
> The one issue with delayed testing is that we would have to impose a
> rule which requires "cool down" time after a checkin before making a
> release. That's probably not a terrible thing anyway.

I would think that requiring the buildbots to clear before tagging a new
release of the ztk.cfg file is a good "cool down", but we can't require
that people not release the included packages:  the ZTK isn't really
testable without having them released (a chicken-and-egg problem).

I would say that updating ztk.cfg to new "major" versions of
sub-packages (ones with new features, or potential backward
compatibility issues) requires a great deal more care than updating it
to use a new "bugfix only" release of a package already in the ZTK.
Adding or removing packages from the ZTK should probably also be a
"branch only" item, with discussion required here before merging.

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