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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was in too much of a good mood while having some vacation. So I
> thought I need more work to do :)
> I'd like to step up as the release manager for Zope2 for the 2.12 and
> 2.13 (trunk) releases.
> I've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to this proposal from
> the Zope Foundation board. The ZF board was discussing a general
> release manager process. This discussion will become obsolete, should
> nobody in the Zope2 developer community have significant objections
> against my proposal. Unless there is a real need for it, the Zope
> Foundation will continue to stay out of direct decisions on the
> development process.
> Q&A
> Who am I?
> I'm going to assume everyone on this list knows me by now. Should you
> have any questions, please feel free to ask.
> You know this is Zope2 and not Plone?
> Indeed. I hope I have shown in the past, that I'm able to distinguish
> between the two. And what is appropriate and sensible for Zope2 with
> its many different consumers. Plone might be a major consumer of
> Zope2, but it's not the only one. Since I only use Zope2 as a base for
> Plone, I do have a certain bias.
> Wait, you say 2.12 and 2.13, what about 2.11 and before?
> Sorry, I have to pick my playground. The non-eggified Zope2 releases
> are very different in their release procedures. I find that process to
> be tedious and no fun at all, so I'm not going to spent my free time
> on it. Should nobody else step up to act as a release manager for
> those releases, they will be unsupported.
> Are you a new Andreas?
> Nobody can replace Andreas and the tremendous amount of time and
> dedication he has shown. Personally I do not care about evangelizing
> Zope2 or helping out end-users on mailing lists amongst others. So no,
> I'm not going to do all the work Andreas did. I'm only here to help
> out as a release manager, whose job it is to get stable releases out.
> I do read the developers mailing lists and watch the bug trackers, I
> don't read any users mailing list or see it as my job to fix or
> respond to every bug anyone reports.
> What about that Plone release manager position?
> I am currently the release manager for Plone 5. We have clarified the
> overall roadmap for Plone 5, and we aren't going to work on any of the
> formal release parts for the next 12 months or longer. The current
> focus is on the Plone 4.x release series, where Eric Steele serves as
> the release manager. So while I'm going to keep my post as a Plone
> release manager, it currently doesn't involve any time commitments.
> What about Zope 2.14 or beyond?
> Nobody knows yet. We will see once we get there. My formal commitment
> is for 2.12 and 2.13.
> Are you insane?
> Maybe a little bit. But seriously if anyone knows anyone else who
> would be interested in this job, speak up. I haven't seen anyone else
> since Andreas stepped down. And I happen to work for a company which
> is 100% dependent on Zope / Plone for their income stream. While I'm
> doing this in my spare time, I do have a very real need for Zope2
> releases.
> I'm planning to make a 2.12.4 release on Easter Monday (April 5). You
> have until then to ask questions and complain :)

An enthusiastic +1 from me:  I think you are an ideal candidate for the job.

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