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> Am 01.04.2010, 15:30 Uhr, schrieb Hanno Schlichting <ha...@hannosch.eu>:
>> With Zope 2.12 BrowserView is basically done. You can now import the
>> BrowserView class from zope.publisher.browser instead of the one from
>> Five. But ZCML directives still use the Five class, to ensure code
>> using fancy Acquisition magic continues to work.
> So, if I don't need any of the acquisition I just go with
> zope.publisher.browser? How about the configuration? Just use the adapter
> directive?

The class you get from any ZCML directive is going to be the one from
Five using the Five.bbb.AcquisitionBBB mix-in. It emulates enough of
Acquisition without actually using it. You cannot opt-out of that bit
of bbb support for the ZCML directives. At some stage it might make
sense to allow this. But I'd only consider this if you could opt-out
of all Five specific features for all browser directives at once. For
now the little bit of extra mix-in doesn't hurt much and you'll hardly
ever notice it. The change is described at

>> ViewPageTemplateFile is a very different beast. The page template
>> machinery of Zope2 and zope.tal are different enough, that there's no
>> easy upgrade path. The expression context ("here", "modules", ...),
>> path traversal, restricted templates, ... there's enough subtle
>> differences all over. I think it is more likely that applications like
>> Plone will switch to Chameleon and adjust import paths to a chameleon
>> specific package.
> I think this is you speaking with different hats on. My view on Zope2's
> roadmap would be to continue to move towards the zope.tales
> implementation, deprecating as necessary. I don't see any difference
> between Zope2 and Plone as to whether the actual implementation is
> zope.tales or Chameleon. Replacing "here" with "context" in templates is
> easy enough. That said, I did get pretty scared when I looked at the
> implementation!

"here" vs. "context" is the most trivial of the differences and one
could make that change. Since the two are simple aliases, it's easy
and only tedious to do the switch. On its own it doesn't have much
benefit though. But it's all the other things which are hard. For
example there's no "restricted page template" story outside Zope 2.
There's nothing to move to, except you decide to drop the support of
this particular feature. But that's not something that is sensible to
do for Zope 2. An application like Plone can make the decision to stop
supporting TTW development in the long run. For Zope 2 that doesn't
make any sense, as TTW development is what makes it Zope 2.

But my view on what makes sense for Zope 2 might always be biased as I noted :)

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