Tres Seaver a écrit :
>> So far the main circularity was that everything depended on
>> zope.testing as a testrunner, zc.buildout for making the development
>> environment, and zope.testing obviously depended on zope.interface
>> etc. I solved that by also adding support for setuptools/distributes
>> testrunner and using that instead. That fixed zope.interface,
>> zope.event and zope.exception. These modules still have buildout
>> configurations if you want them, but you don't need buildout anymore.
>> zope.interface, zope.event and zope.exception can now be developed and
>> tested with only setuptools, you can run the tests with "python
>> test" both under Python 2 and 3.
> Yay!  That is a big win -- I'd like to see us automate testing this way,
> so that future development doesn't erode it.  Developing ZTK packages
> using buildout should be a convenience, not a mandate.

Depending on setuptools for tests in another evil thing. We should not assume a 
*setup* tool to be a testrunner, and we should not depend on the behaviour of 
setuptools to write tests. Setuptools is already doing too many things and 
is taking care (with distutils2 and distribute) to cleany separate the 
functionalities, such as installing, distributing, etc.

Testing is not related to configuring nor installing, and "python 
is no more meaningful than "python makethecoffee".

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