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Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 5:58 PM, Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com> wrote:
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>> I disagree, pretty strongly:  making code forever responsible for bad
>> old data is responsible for a lot of horrors in both Zope2 and Zope3
>> code bases.  Releasing the packages separately allows the folks who need
>> time to fix the data to have it, while still allowing development to
>> continue without the burden.
>> If you are running with a 3.6.x version of zope.dublincore, and you have
>> persisted the permissions somehow, then you need to *evolve the data*
>> before upgrading to 3.7.0. That is why 3.7.0 got the bump from 3.6.x.
> The bump to 3.7 would be due to a feature change. A backward-incompatible
> change would require a bump to 4.
>> If you can't afford (yet) to evolve the data, then don't upgrade the
>> package until you can.  Running with 3.6.3 allows you to use either
>> permission, as the zope.app.dublincore versions get upgraded in place to
>> zope.dublincore equivalents.
> No. The declarations you give in 3.6.3 cause the new names to be
> mapped back to the old.

That was Fred, no me:  my declarations mapped the old names forward to
the new.

>> Or are you saying that the way 3.6.3 uses meta:redefinePermission won't
>> work for persisted permissions?
> It will.  The redefinePermission change you propose for 3.7 won't,
> which makes it
> backward incompatible, which means it should be a 4.0 release.

I didn't propose a redefinePermission change for 3.7:  I proposed to
drop the (misnamed) permissions altogether from zope.dublincore.

Why should zope.dublincore be carrying BBB-water for
zope.app.dublincore?  We have plenty of precedent for having the
zope.app. version of the package stick around *purely* for BBB:  let's
do that in this case.

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