So how to make Blue Bream easier to use?   I propose making the initial
> start up interface a simple content management system, kind of a Plone
> light.

This seems like a bad idea. Blue Bream attempts to be a development
framework, not a content management system. You are suggesting we make an
apple look like an orange, but still taste like an apple.

Perhaps someone will build a CMS on top of Blue Bream, and perhaps this will
make BB easier for people to learn, but that would need to be a separate
project with separate goals. The experience from Zope 2 and Plone is that
muddying the waters between an application and a framework makes a system
harder for people to understand and use, not easier.

> I know Plone just had a new release . I am not sure what all is in it,
> but it would be great if Zope 3 on startup looked just like Plone, as
> far as possible.  Right out of the box allow users to register
> themselves, and add in the stock content types.  Calendar item, news
> item, things like that, not the developer centric ZPT and DTML file.
> Also allow the developer stuff, but under a different branch of a
> hierarchical menu system.    Maybe only people with a developer or
> manager permission see those kinds of items.

It sounds like you're talking about through-the-web development, which is an
idea now thoroughly discredited. TTW customisation has its place. Writing
code through a web browser is just painful and brings long term pain once
you grow out of tinkering mode and start having to worry about things like
deployment and dev/test/prod lifecycles.

> That is all I want.  A simple content management system out of the box,
> make it easy to add my own content type.  Sure the serious hackers can
> throw all that out, but for the average end user/developer, that would
> be a hugely tempting improvement over using Plone.

If you just want a simple CMS, I suggest you install a CMS. With Dexterity,
by the way (available in Plone 4, probably standard in Plone 5), you can
legitimately create content types through the web in Plone.

>   If I can add a few
> dtml pages to display my content, it would all be very easy to get
> started.  Later I could export to the file system, and svn.

Please note that DTML is a dead (and horrid) technology.

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