On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 22:21, Jim Fulton <j...@zope.com> wrote:
> This is like saying it needed to support Python 2 before it could be
> written on Python 2.

With the difference that it's written bit by bit, but needs to get
ported all at once. Of course, if you know which tests to get to pass
first it's easier. I'm getting there, I for example realized that the
bootstrap tests probably should be made to pass last, not first. :-)

>> That too is a horrid nightmare, since zc.buildout also tend to
>> generate code from strings,
> The code it generates is pretty simple, but if it can't generate
> 2&3-compatible code, then not worrying about 2to3 should make
> generating code simpler.

Because the code it generates are in strings, 2to3 won't touch it, so
it has to be changed by hand to run on both 2 and 3. As you say, the
code is simple which means it's usually a simple task to make it

>> and then makes things even more fun by
>> having tests that require there to be at least three different
>> versions released on PyPI. :-)
> The upgrade tests?  The bootstrap tests?  I would disable these to get 
> started.

Yeah, it's a part of the bootstrap tests. I probably have to disable
them, yeah. Possibly I could get them to use a local fake PyPI with
several "fake" zc.buildout versions. We'll see, that's quite far away

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