Malthe Borch <> writes:

> I always found configuration overrides (e.g. ZCML's <includeOverrides>
> directive) to be difficult to manage and hard to get right.
> How about an alternative where you can put a priority on a
> configuration context like so:
>   <adapter zcml:priority="100" ... />
> Default priority would be 0, traditional overrides get the maximum
> priority. ZTK components might then all be at the default priority,
> making it trivial to add a preferred component in a custom setup.
> If accompagnied by a sane amount of logging output, this system might
> facilitate plugging in components "for the rest of us".

I'd like to echo Malthe's concern here.  I've had many issues with this
as well.

Recently I had a conversation with someone or read something about using
add-on specific stacked component registries.  Would this be the best
way to solve these kind of problems?  Unfortunately I can't remember
where I head/read of this.


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