On 2011-1-31 07:02, Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:
> * Brian Sutherland<br...@vanguardistas.net>  [2011-01-30 16:04]:
>> I've finally finished refactoring my WebTest/testbrowser branches,
>> basically doing this:
>>      - Integrate with WebTest. zope.testbrowser.webtest.Browser is a new
>>        Browser implementation that uses webtest.TestApp to drive a WSGI
>>        application. This allows simple and direct testing of WSGI 
>> applications.
>>      - Re-write the test application as a pure WSGI application using WebOb.
>>        Run the existing tests using the WebTest based Browser
>>      - Move zope.app.testing based Browser into zope.app.testing (leaving
>>        backwards compatibility imports in-place).
>> This is a very big change, so I would appreciate anyone who would take a
>> look at these branches before I merge:
> Michael Howitz and I recently polished the integration of
> zope.testbrowser and wsgi_intercept to accomplish pretty much the same
> things you mentioned. (I'm aware that you two exchanged some emails
> about it, but don't know any details).
> So I'm curious: What are the differences bewteen WebTest and
> wsgi_intercept? Is one preferable to the other?

If I remember correctly WebTest wraps the WSGI app object directly and 
does not require monkeypatching urllib. To send requests to the app 
under testing you call WebTest post/get methods, which directly call the 
WSGI app.


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