I've been working a lot on zope.publisher lately, trying to extract
its essence to make my own publisher and flatten the publication
This led me to the prototyping of some essential components I wanted
to factor out of zope.publisher.
Mainly, these are definitions, aka interfaces, therefore I created
some new entries in zope.browser.

Here are the changelogs :

Added definitions to the base browser publishing process, including :

  * IRequest and IResponse
  * IPublisher
  * Errors definitions with : IPublishingError, IBadRequest, INotFound
    and IRedirect
  * Views publishing help : IDefaultViewName, that permits to retrieve
    the name of the default view for a context.

This allows us to move toward a greater interoperability with other
systems, severing a lot of zope packages' ties with ``zope.publisher``,
where all these concepts were initially defined. ``zope.publisher`` will
now use these interfaces as mixins to create zope publication
specific definitions. Components that don't need the full blow
definition can now register on broader interfaces, making them
available to non ``zope.publisher`` aware applications.

I would like very much to see that review and criticized constructively.
zope.browser hosts some irrelevant definitions and i added things I
thought would make sense.
The next step would be to lighten the dependencies of some zope
component on zope.publisher.
If possible, i'd like to see this 1.4 released.

Thank you for your attention
- Souheil
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