On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Souheil CHELFOUH <troll...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been working a lot on zope.publisher lately, trying to extract
> its essence to make my own publisher and flatten the publication
> process.
> This led me to the prototyping of some essential components I wanted
> to factor out of zope.publisher.
> Mainly, these are definitions, aka interfaces, therefore I created
> some new entries in zope.browser.
> Here are the changelogs :
> Added definitions to the base browser publishing process, including :
>  * IRequest and IResponse
>  * IPublisher
>  * Errors definitions with : IPublishingError, IBadRequest, INotFound
>    and IRedirect
>  * Views publishing help : IDefaultViewName, that permits to retrieve
>    the name of the default view for a context.
> This allows us to move toward a greater interoperability with other
> systems, severing a lot of zope packages' ties with ``zope.publisher``,
> where all these concepts were initially defined. ``zope.publisher`` will
> now use these interfaces as mixins to create zope publication
> specific definitions. Components that don't need the full blow
> definition can now register on broader interfaces, making them
> available to non ``zope.publisher`` aware applications.
> I would like very much to see that review and criticized constructively.

Is there a branch to review?

> zope.browser hosts some irrelevant definitions and i added things I
> thought would make sense.
> The next step would be to lighten the dependencies of some zope
> component on zope.publisher.
> If possible, i'd like to see this 1.4 released.
> Thank you for your attention

Thanks for digging into this.  I'd be happy to do a review and give some


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