On 11/27/2012 09:04 AM, Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:

* Alex Leach <albl...@york.ac.uk> [2012-11-25 20:00]:
I was wondering if anyone has implemented a WebSockets server API using the
zope toolkit? I've just submitted a blueprint on Launchpad
but thought it might be quicker and easier to discuss how one could do this

I'm not too familiar with WebSocket internals, but one thing that stuck
with me is that you'll need to keep *lots* of open connections, which is
only feasible with an eventloop-based server (which zope.server, for
one, isn't).

Apart from that, I'm not sure what features remain, and where a proper
home in the ZTK world would be.

At our company we've scheduled a project to integrate WebSockets into a large
Zope3-based application for early next year, so we'll definitely will be
doing *something* in that space -- we just don't know what, yet. ;)

What functionality did you have in mind that the ZTK might grow?


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