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On 03/11/2013 08:40 PM, Stephan Richter wrote:

> Fred asked about the reasoning behind recent version numbers as we
> ported packages to Python 3.
> We decided that any package that depends on an alpha or unreleased
> package should itself be an alpha release. There are 2 packages that
> started the avalanche:
> * zope.security: Tres wanted 4.0.0 to also have PyPy support, so he
> only did an alpha release to unblock the porting effort. Today, I
> finished the PyPy support and he released 4.0.0b1.

If that release doesn't bust anything over the next day or two, I will
likely push out a 4.0.0 final by the end of the week.

I have one question:  the "zope.location" import-time monkeypatch is a
wart in zope.security:  could we add a ZCML directive for doing that at
configuration execution time instead?

> * ZODB: We currently do not have a release for a ported ZODB. For any
> package requiring the ZODB directly or indirectly, we added a snapshot
> sdist of the py3 branch into the package to demonstrate the tests
> passing. (See the zodb- dev mailing list for the current status.)

We are essentially blocked on figuring out how to deal with instance /
moudle attribute names in pickles:  they need to be "native strings"
under both Python2 and Py3k.  I'm pretty hopeful that Pycon will let us
figure that out.

> Of course, the alpha releases are really stable, all the tests pass
> under Python 2.6 and 2.7.

I'm agreed for the most part.  Can we make it a priority to fix the
failing nightly tests?  Also, is somebody running / reporting tests via
Travis?  Where are those results going?

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