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AFAIK, you just need to create a .buildout directory in your home
directory, put the file "default.cfg" in it with this content:

eggs-directory = /home/YOURS/.buildout/eggs
download-cache = /home/YOURS/.buildout/downloads
extends-cache = /home/YOURS/.buildout/extends

and create the directories referenced here.

I saw that, but the packages I've installed into '~/.local/lib/python...' aren't (yet) on PyPi, so this isn't really what I need.

I've actually got it working now, without any new sitecustomize.py file.. I think changing the package recipe in buildout.cfg fixed it, but it could have been something I did in configure.zcml.in, as I've been separating some things out into other namespace packages recently, and that was one file that needed tweaking.

The buildout configuration that seemed to fix this, was to add 'recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts' to my package's section, and 'allowed-eggs-from-site-packages = peak' to the `[buildout]` section. That second one also helped resolve some dependency / conflict issues I was having with PasteScript - I also have it installed system-wide for some reason - and seems to reduce the need for duplicating some system packages. I like it :)

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