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I got the same error with zpasswd, so had to repeat the process with that section of buildout.cfg, too... Thought I'd explain the specifics, while I remember...

On Tue, 25 Jun 2013 19:44:48 +0100, Alex Leach <albl...@york.ac.uk> wrote:

The buildout configuration that seemed to fix this, was to add 'recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts' to my package's section, and 'allowed-eggs-from-site-packages = peak' to the `[buildout]` section.

I found the documentation on these options, unsurprisingly on the zc.recipe.egg and z3c.recipe.scripts PyPi pages. ('allowed-eggs-from-site-packages = peak' is not what I thought it was yesterday, so please ignore it).

I don't think I had edited the zpasswd section before yesterday, so it should have been exactly as it was, when initially generated by `grokproject`:

recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts
eggs =
entry-points =

I'm not entirely sure why zpasswd has to import every module in my_package, but it seems to try. So the above configuration causes zpasswd to fail, when a required package is installed into the user's site-packages folder.

It's worth mentioning, if you're unfamiliar with the user's site-packages folder, that it is supported by every Python build system I've tried: distutils, distutils2, numpy.distutils and setuptools. The following setup.py command, which works on all of these build systems, installs a package into the user's site-packages folder:-

$ python setup.py install --user

With the documentation in front of my, I added these options to zpasswd, but none of these add the user's site-packages folder to the search path:-

include-site-packages = true
exec-sitecustomize = true
relative-paths = true
extra-paths = ${buildout:directory}/eggs
interpreter = python-console

However, changing the recipe does:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg:script

So, my conclusion is that it's a feature / limitation / regression in z3c.recipe.scripts. I only say regression, because on the z3c.recipe.scripts PyPi page, I've just read:-

"The script recipe installs eggs into a buildout eggs directory, exactly like zc.recipe.egg [...]."

Well, not exactly... This is one difference. I'll continue to use zc.recipe.egg, as that works as desired in this situation, but it feels like I'm downgrading, which is never fun...

Hope that clarifies things, anyway.

Kind regards,
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