I wonder if there is a formal or informal write-up of how to "nicely" contribute code to the repositories under the zopefoundation umbrella.

Back in the subversion days I would branch a project, amend code, write tests, commit this to the repository, ask for feedback on the list, and, when deemed acceptable, merge my changes back to the project's trunk, perhaps even make a release of the project.

Yesterday I wanted to add a small feature to zope.formlib and wondered whether I should:

1) clone the "canonical" zope.formlib repository, make a branch, do my work, push the changes, ask for feedback on the list and eventually merge the branch to the mainline.


2) fork the repository, make a branch in the fork, do my work, push the changes to my fork, and issue a pull request.

The latter is what I did, without explicitly asking for feedback. Luckily someone did give me feedback (thanks!) :-)

Now that I mended the pull request, should I merge the pull request myself? Or is the current etiquette that someone else should merge the pull request?

My apologies in case I missed an obvious document or reference somewhere that describes the way "we" should work with the zopefoundation's codebase...

kind regards, jw

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