On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 7:00 AM, Marius Gedminas <mar...@gedmin.as> wrote:
>> 2) fork the repository, make a branch in the fork, do my work, push
>> the changes to my fork, and issue a pull request.
>> The latter is what I did, without explicitly asking for feedback.
>> Luckily someone did give me feedback (thanks!) :-)
> I think a pull request is right.


> It doesn't matter much if the branch you're asking to pull is in the
> main repository or in a private fork.


(Apparently, number of forks is a way some people keep score
 on github, so I'll cynically say a fork is better.)

>> Now that I mended the pull request, should I merge the pull request
>> myself? Or is the current etiquette that someone else should merge
>> the pull request?
> I think it's fine to merge own pull requests, provided that somebody
> +1'd it.  (Or if nobody cared for a couple of weeks, even after asking
> for feedback on the list.)

I strongly prefer that the reviewer do the merge.

I'd also really like reviewers to take their responsibility
seriously, making comments and suggestions where appropriate.

Software review, done well, improves the software, and, more
importantly, improves the developers.

>> My apologies in case I missed an obvious document or reference
>> somewhere that describes the way "we" should work with the
>> zopefoundation's codebase...
> Can we please get the http://foundation.zope.org/ website source on
> GitHub, so it becomes maintainable by the community?

Oh yes, please! Unfortunately, this will require moving from
silva to sphinx.  It will also entail separating the public
sites from private documents.

(The above isn't meant to dis silva, it's just not a good
fit for zopefoundation.org.)


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