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On Apr 20, 2005, at 5:04, J Cameron Cooper wrote:

I understand there was to be some re-working of id mangling. Is that supposed to be on the zbir_fixing_ids_branch, and if so, how's that going?

The exposure of the mangled id through getId (on PropertiedUser) seems problematic (although I'm not entirely done with my investigations yet) when it comes to old code that expects non-mangled names. (The PAS UserFolder API expects non-mangled names, right?)

Yes, something was supposed to be worked on. I understand Zac is extremely busy with "real" work right now, not sure what a good way is to get around the bottleneck.

Yes, sorry about all that. Work projects continued long after I had hoped and I've been swamped lately. The initial work is done (scrubbing PAS of expectations of mangled ids), I think all we need now is a way to have the plugins to assert they want to use a prefix. I imagine this would be some property of the plugin and if you need multiple plugins to play along together, you'd make the same assignment on each.

I'll try to get to it shortly.


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