On 7 Oct 2005, at 16:24, Rocky Burt wrote:

Hi all,

I'm trying to wrap my head on how the traditional user.getProperty ('someProperty') call works particularly with reference to PAS (and ultimately PlonePaS).

I see that my new PAS property plugin is providing a propertysheet for my member (in this case my plugin has id, 'source_properties') so that I can see someMember.getPropertysheet('source_properties') comes back with my sheet. But how would I get someMember.getProperty('someProperty') to return someMember.getPropertysheet('source_properties').getProperty ('someProperty') ?

Bottom line is I can't find how getProperty() is being issued anyplace.

AFAIK getProperty for a user object does not exist in this form. You have to get the propertysheet and then the property.


P.S.: Please don't confuse "member" and "user". "user" is what the userfolder creates. "member" is a CMF/Plone thing only, it represents a user wrapped in a member data wrapper. So if you're asking specifically about "member" then you need to make the memberdata class' "getProperty" as intelligent as you need yourself.

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