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AFAIK getProperty for a user object does not exist in this form. You have to get the propertysheet and then the property.


P.S.: Please don't confuse "member" and "user". "user" is what the userfolder creates. "member" is a CMF/Plone thing only, it represents a user wrapped in a member data wrapper. So if you're asking specifically about "member" then you need to make the memberdata class' "getProperty" as intelligent as you need yourself.

Ah yes, this was very much a problem of mine. The "item" I was using was actually the "user" from the security manager. This type of user only has the member data as property sheets. But in my use-case, where I'm using this in a Plone environment, I can use the portal_memberdata (or was it portal_mebership?) tool to get the current "member" which is indeed a wrapped user. And this member has a "getProperty" which indeed checks all propertysheets to retrieve the property you asked for. So all is well.


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