Zachery Bir <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Mar 17, 2006, at 5:26 AM, Brecht Samyn wrote:
> > What is the best place (plugintype) to register a new user  
> > automaticaly when he
> > is authenticated?
> >
> > I wrote an extraction, an authentication and a group plugin for our  
> > Shibboleth
> > environment. A user is valid if a Shibboleth attribute with a valid  
> > userid is
> > present in the request. Now I want a Shibboleth authenticated user  
> > to be
> > registered via the portal_registration tool automatically.
> >
> > When I put the code in the authentication plugin, I get a  
> > permission denied
> > error because only authenticated users have "Add Portal Member"  
> > permission (and
> > I want to keep it that way).
> >
> > Any suggestion of what the best place is to put the code?
> Two things I can think of:
>    - a dynamic group manager that can assign authenticated users to  
> the authenticated group
>    - a ZODB Role Manager that assigns some role with the 'Add Portal  
> Member' permission to the authenticated group
> Zac


Thanks for you answer. But perhaps I was not clear enough in describing what I
want to do.

I'm not looking for a way to assign a role to a user. I want to register the
user in one of the plugins (the same way the 'auto add user' property of the
"RemoteUserFolder" product worked).

Something like this:
- someone logs in for the first time
- some PAS plugins (extraction, authentication, ...) were executed
- one of these plugins calls portal_registration.addMember(userid,...)
- now the new user had a memberfolder and can change his own preferences

But it's not clear to me which kind of plugin I should use. I tried to put the
code in the authentiation plugin, but I can't do addMember in this plugin
because I'm in the process of being authenticated.


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