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So how do I get PAS to prompt for credentials? I created a PAS object, and inside that a scriptable plugin. Inside that a script called challenge and a loginForm which challenge redirects to for input, I set that as my interface and activated it. Then I went to the folder level and changed the permissions like I would for the userFolder to prompt for a user/pass but it just pulls up the acquired start page.

What am I doing wrong? No errors are generated that I can see, but I am not getting to my login screen either. Should this work similarly to the standard user folder? Or, do I have to specifically call something?


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Hi all,

Can the challenge method be overridden by a script(python) object in a scriptable plugin? My thought was to write a script and redirect to my login form. I get an error though about the arguments. It's looking for request and response, and scripts already know about those intrinsically. Passing them as arguments clears the error but the script just hangs, so I am a little unsure what is happening.

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