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Jeff Peterson wrote:
> Jeff Peterson wrote:
>> So how do I get PAS to prompt for credentials?  I created a PAS
>> object, and inside that a scriptable plugin.  Inside that a script
>> called challenge and a loginForm which challenge redirects to for
>> input, I set that as my interface and activated it.  Then I went to
>> the folder level and changed the permissions like I would for the
>> userFolder to prompt for a user/pass but it just pulls up the acquired
>> start page.
>> What am I doing wrong?  No errors are generated that I can see, but I
>> am not getting to my login screen either.  Should this work similarly
>> to the standard user folder? Or, do I have to specifically call
>> something?
>> TIA,
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> Hi all,
> Can the challenge method be overridden by a script(python) object in a
> scriptable plugin?  My thought was to write a script and redirect to my
> login form.  I get an error though about the arguments.  It's looking
> for request and response, and scripts already know about those
> intrinsically.  Passing them as arguments clears the error but the
> script just hangs, so I am a little unsure what is happening.

Look at how the CookieAuthPlugin works (in fact, you might just use it).

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