Any news?

Let me add that my branch also fixes _extractUserIds which didn't handle broken extractors in all scenarios. And it has plenty of new tests... ;-)

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On 21. Aug 2006, at 09:52, Stefan H. Holek wrote:

Sure, take your time (/me holds off, slowly turns blue in face).

The main idea of my branch is to have all caching in PAS, so that individual plugins do not have to concern themselves with ZCacheable. I don't think it makes PAS more clumsy, it's just a few lines after all, but it makes auth plugins easier to write.


On 19. Aug 2006, at 17:29, Tres Seaver wrote:

Can you hold off a bit? I'm travelling and would like to have time to
look at the patch more carefully.  Overall, I *thin* I would like to
keep the caching itself out of the framework, because it is completely
irrelevant for lots of plugins, and introduces complexity / overhead.

An alternate idea I had was to implement a 'CacheablePluginHelper',
which would wrap another plugin, providing caching.  It might be
possible to make it generic (like the ScriptablePlugin is).

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