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Alec Mitchell wrote:
> Hello PAS developers,
> I'm the release manager for Plone 2.5, which makes heavy use of PAS,
> and am hoping to make a new 2.5.2 release candidate in the next few
> days.  There seem to have been a number of issues corrected in the PAS
> trunk sinc ethe last release, and my impression is that some of these
> are quite important for this next Plone release.
> Unfortunately, Jens' schedule does not permit him to make a beta
> release before the holidays, so he requested that I inquire on this
> list to see if anyone is willing to make a beta tarball for a new
> release (1.4.1 or 1.5 whichever is most appropriate given the current
> state of trunk).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In general, you should prefer a 1.4.1 (to get bugfixes only).  That
makes the PAS release cycle less coupled to your needs, as well.

That is indeed my preference, though in the past we have had single
dot releases for each revision, so I thought that might just be some
PAS version policy.  A 1.4.1 would be great, though I have to admit
the new authentication caching stuff sounds pretty desirable.

 Can you identify the bugfixes on the trunk which are important to PlonePAS?

Unless you use DelegatingMultiPlugin, the only one I can see which might
matter is:

  ZODBUserManager: Already encrypted passwords were encrypted again in
  addUser and updateUserPassword.

I've just backported this to the 1.4 branch, along with a fix for
emergency user breakage.

Thanks, these certainly are important to have, additionally:

 BasePlugin: The listInterfaces method only considered the old-style
 __implements__ machinery when determining interfaces provided by
 a plugin instance.

Would probably be helpful as well.  Thanks for looking at this and
backporting those changes.  Do you think you'll have time to make a
release?  Also, does the PAS release policy require a 1 week beta/rc
period for minor releases like 1.4.1?

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