Previously Miles wrote:
> However, when a user is created, PAS runs through all the plugins 
> implementing the IUserAdder interface, but once a plugin indicates that 
> it created a user, it proceeds no further.
> I was expecting it to pass the details onto all the plugins, to give 
> each a chance to create any additional information the plugin needs, and 
> to avoid having to produce a succession of plugins.  In the same way 
> that the properties plugins each get to provide a separate property 
> sheet, rather than just returning the first one.

I think that a better approach would be to use events. I made a branch
a while ago which has an event which is fired when a new user is created
which solves your use case perfectly. That branch is still missing test
for the events though. Someday I need to write those and offer it up for

> I would like to change this so all IUserAdder plugins get a chance to 
> fire - does anyone have an opinion on it?

-1, we can not change semantics of existing interfaces.


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