Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your pointers on how to reformulate my ACL issue in PAS-terms - it proved very insightful.

I am using PAS in an environment where I want zope to be able to add/edit/delete user accounts. As far as I can see, although the options are documented in the interfaces, the service doesn't provide them, and isn't wired up to pass such calls down to any individual plugins that do provide these abilities.

For example:

- adding a user is implemented via _doAddUser, but not via the userFolderDoAddUser method that is part of the IMutableUserFolder interface
 - deleting a user is not implemented on the service, only on the plugin
(indeed it raises an exception which CMF doesn't catch)

To get round this, I am currently using my own copy of PAS where I have wired up the IMutableUserFolder interface methods to pass on to the plugins. If I tidied this up a bit, would it be a useful contribution to PAS, or is there some reason that I haven't picked up on that makes them too user-specific for PAS to provide?



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