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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
I've just pushed PAS 1.5.3 to and the cheeseshop.  Would
the folks who depend on automated downloads from either of those sites
please check that I didn't break anything?
The release contains an egg, not a product.

That is a "source distribution", strictly speaking.

For Plone 3.0
we still need the product version. I have put a corrected .tar.gz on .

Can you guys adjust your buildout to use the "source distribution"
format?  (basically, copying / symlinking the entry from
'Products/PluggableAuthService' rather than the root)?  We'd really like
to avoid having to make more than one release of the thing.  Getting it
from the cheeseshop would be ideal, as well.

buildouts, sure. However Plone 3.0 releases are not always buildout based: there is a large installed base who do not use buildout but use plain Zope instances and rely on a Plone tarball which contains everything unpacked. The most popupar way by far to install by Plone is the Windows installer, which is not buildout based. All the tools to create that tarball and the current installres assume that we either have an egg or a plain product release.


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