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> Miles wrote:
> > It would be great if PAS supported deleting users, with the same 
> > event-based system for notifying other plugins to tidy up.
> I've never been happy with the idea of PAS "supporting" any changes to
> the plugins:  even the IUserAdderPlugin and IUpdatePlugin are out of
> place, in my opinion, because they try to generalize without knowing
> enough:  they exist to support a not-really-a-contract of the "stock"
> Zope user folder ('_doAddUser').
> CRUD on the user objects is really a separate application (*not* a
> framework), which is not even possible in many applications where PAS is
> appropriate.

And yet PlonePAS does exactly that with reasonably succes, even taking
into account its interfaces are not very well defined. I think PlonePAS
has proven that it is both desirable and possible.


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