I've never been happy with the idea of PAS "supporting" any changes to
the plugins:  even the IUserAdderPlugin and IUpdatePlugin are out of
place, in my opinion, because they try to generalize without knowing
enough:  they exist to support a not-really-a-contract of the "stock"
Zope user folder ('_doAddUser').

CRUD on the user objects is really a separate application (*not* a
framework), which is not even possible in many applications where PAS is

I always thought that was the *point* of declaring plugins with specific interfaces: in those applications where it's not possible, you can just turn them off and they then have no effect. I'm not sure it's sensible to ask people to develop a completely separate application to do it just because a subset of use-cases don't need it.

IIRC, I got a bit confused when it came to password resets, as to whether a password was considered a user property or as something else - passwords are passed to the UserManager at creation so should they go to the PropertyUpdater too?

Passwords are *not* properties:  plugis implementing IUpdatePlugin
should not know about them, unless they are also actively registered for

Yes, though the interface documentation makes it sound as if it should only be used for a user changing their own password (rather than a manager changing a user's password). If that's not the case, I'll happily submit a "documentation patch" to clarify.


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