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Rafael Monnerat



We are going to organise in Paris, on the 1st and 2nd of December the
first ERP5 World Forum.

All the information is here:

It is organised as part of a larger international event, the Open World
Forum, with a special focus on Brasil and Open Source in Brasil.

The ERP5 World Forum focuses mainly on users and academy. Developers are
of course welcome too.

Users who participate can learn ERP5, share experience and contribute to
the functional roadmap of ERP5. Every participant will be provided an
ERP5 Express instance to learn and experiment.

Academics are invited to introduce new concepts in management science
and contribute to the functional roadmap of ERP5.

Developers who attend the event will be implementing during the same day
some prototypes of the features which have been introduced by academics
or suggested by users. Based on the forum discussion and the prototypes,
the ERP5 functional roadmap will then be updated and published.

We hope with this event to accelerate the lead time between innovation
and implementation, and at the same time create an opportunity for users
and academics who are not developers to participate in the ERP5 R&D process.

To register, just send an email to

The programme is still not finalised. If you wish to suggest a lecture
or a topic of interest please also write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]



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