Those are the type of people that ideas but need us to implement them to make them real. Those ideas and having them implemented means more work for us in the community and that means more bright people in the community.

Just my experience.

Like the idea of balance also. What I was thinking wasn't really aimed from a pure selling point of view more getting back to grass roots websites though. The home page should provide a clear message about what the site is all about. That means a clear message about what zope 3 is all about.

The reason it should appeal to newcomers in particular is because they are less likely to go further if then do not understand what the benefits are. Anyone already in the community is likely to be able to bookmark their ideal landing page whether it be news, new products, mailing list archives or whatever they like to use to keep abreast.

There is a balance to be struck of course as we are not about hype but a clear consistent, concise message goes a long way.

Think of it as a backing up of the community, when we try to convince someone they should use zope we can point them at the site to find out why we are so evangelistic about it.

Anyway sounds like you guys are all on the right track so don't take this as a disagreement :-)


Chris Withers wrote:
Lennart Regebro wrote:
Of course not, you are a total thinker, and not affected positively
about people bragging. But most other people are. It's all about hype.

I'll take that as a compliment ;-)

Do we really want people that are attracted? How are they going to benefit our community?


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