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I had a look at the latest from Tom also and like it too. I am not sure about having the content that is in the content area as the very first thing newbies will see. Is the idea that this is the stuff that changes the most and so will draw people back or is it just filler content at this stage?

I think if we just had a clear statement of intent, something punchy like Looking for an enterprise web framework? You've found the right place.

Other statements which I think fit might be 'A web framework built by developers for developers so that they can deliver.'

Or something like that.


Andrew Sawyers wrote:
He noted he's aware of that and working on it.  Talking to him
yesterday, he thought he could have something done that we can start
using by Monday.

Andrew Sawyers
On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 11:10 +0000, Chris Withers wrote:
Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
Version 2 is linked below. Its a work in progress, namely the buggy nav. Any comments are appreciated. I'll be adding more pages as I go along. I'm also open to providing a Media Kit and whatever else anyone can think of. I'm a little slammed at work right now, but will try to keep pace on this.
Having finally remembered to look at this while I'm online, I really like it :-)
(much more than v1, in fact!)

The rollovers don't work right ofr me in firefox though: no content shows in them and funny formatting...



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