Hi All,

Summary of current status on DNS...

I've just updated the zonedit contact details to point to:

This is a private, members only group and I've invited all relevant people to the group. If I've left anyone out, please let me know. If you've got an invite, please join up ;-)

I'm tempted to email this zoneedit username and password to the google group so that it's not locked away in several people's mail accounts. How do people feel about this?

Am I right in assuming that:

- zope.org whois records are now correct and, nameserver wise, point to:

  Name Server:NS1.ZONEEDIT.COM
  Name Server:NS7.ZONEEDIT.COM

  I'll note that I currently see the old list, but I'm assuming this is
  a propogation issue and I just need to wait?

- zonedit is going to be our only DNS host and all its records are
  currently correct, we're just waiting for them to propogate?



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