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Am I right in assuming that:

- zope.org whois records are now correct and, nameserver wise, point to:

  Name Server:NS1.ZONEEDIT.COM
  Name Server:NS7.ZONEEDIT.COM

I'll note that I currently see the old list, but I'm assuming this is
  a propogation issue and I just need to wait?

Go to http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp to find out. The changes Rob said he made yesterday are not showing yet. I don't know how long it takes for that kind of change to go through. Once those changes are visible only ns1/ns7.zoneedit.com will show.

- zonedit is going to be our only DNS host and all its records are
  currently correct, we're just waiting for them to propogate?

We're mainly waiting for the registrar changes to go through because 3 out of 5 DNS servers that are part of the old records either send out incorrect data (ns.qutang.net) or they don't know records like "foundation.zope.org" (ns2.zope.com, ns3.zope.com, ns.qutang.net).

Speaking of this, since only the ZoneEdit servers are going to be listed as authoritative for this zone, once the changes propagate, shall we just shut down serving DNS for zope.org from the zope.com DNS servers? Or would you prefer that we remain as a slave and we just work out the NOTIFY nonsense later?

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