My 2 cents on the ZWiki configuration:

 - show subtopics?

Showing all the subtopics makes the home page rather overwhelming. I would be tempted to show the entire tree under a link labelled 'site map' and maybe just show one level of subtopics. Even at one level it would be nice to have a collapse/expand option, since comments are below sub-topics and this can mean the comments can require a fair bit of scrolling to discover.

- rating stars, on or off?

I like the ratings. The front page currently only has one star - I'm tempted to vote it up since it's representative of Zope 3, but then the content is only worth 1 star right now, we really need to write some better text explaning Zope 3.

- WikiName links?

-1. I find bare wiki links in areas that aren't intended to be wiki pages distracting (i.e. in code snippets)

- single bracket links?

+1. I prefer lowercase links over StuddlyCaps. I gave Wicked 1.0 ( a try when it was released earlier this week and was pretty impressed with it. I like the ((double parentheses)) style of linking.

- Kevin

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