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Jim Fulton wrote:

Jim, thanks for the tips. I'm sorry, I see now the above was truncated. For the record a more complete error is below.

fstest.py reported no problems and today I found ZODB/fsrecover.py (not in SOFTWARE_HOME/bin), which processed the whole zodb with "0 bytes removed during recovery".

Note that both of these analyze the database structure but not the pickle contents. It would be nice to have a tool that also analyzed the pickles.

I tried a backup today. I could swear it showed the same problem, and I got it to go away removing var/{pts,LatexWiki}/* and Products/ *, but I can't reproduce either of these; anyway, the long and short of it is the server is back up and running, and any changes since 2007/02/14 04:19 MST will have to be redone.

Did you try the .old file left by the pack?

Thanks all. My next two projects are to export to a fresh zodb to reduce the size, and to upgrade to 2.10.x.

The pack should work. I'd be very surprised if the problem was caused by the pack.


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