Here's some more info. We (developers) got in a bad habit of listing paths as the "home pages" of our distutils packages. This was something I did that got copied. :( setuptools follows distutils home page links looking for distributions. One of the SAs here configured Apache to reject setuptools requests to the viewcvs site. Hopefully, this will help.


On Jul 26, 2007, at 3:27 PM, Mark W. Alexander wrote:


I'm suspect you've noticed we've been having some issued with It's been getting hammered with requests for viewcvs.cgi. Last night we
blocked Googlebot which represented the vast majority of requests.

We just got hit again from which resolves to an Amazon EC node
( Could someone be
attempting to mirror via HTTP and inadvertently glomming the cvs views?

If there's any ideas who this might be or what they're doing, please let me

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