On Oct 11, 2011, at 20:31 , Jim Fulton wrote:

> I've created ~zope/Products.tgz on app2.zope.org that has all of the
> release files in a directory structure rooted at Products.  I
> recommend:
> 1. For all html files in the existing static site, remove link endings
> "/swreleasefile_view"
> 2. Walk the directory tree in Products.tgz and for each path, replace
> whatever is in
>    the static site with the contents of the tar ball.

I've now done it the simple way using Apache RewriteRules. Any resource path 
starting with /Products and ending in either .exe, .tgz or .gz is now served 
from a separate tree. That way I can leave the HTML sources alone and all links 
continue to work. If there are any unforeseen issues with this approach I'll 
take another look, but for right now things seem to work well enough.


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