Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

2. The X in Zope 3X means that there is not yet support for
   Zope 2 transition.  It's about setting expectations.

But we're setting the expectation that one day there will be a version of Zope 3 that supports Zope 2.

No. We are setting the expectation that we will provide a supported transition process. That *could* be backwward compatibility, but it might be much less.

> Is this a realistic expectation? Stephan
doesn't seem to think so, for one.

I think it is reasonable.

   I'm OK with dropping the X is someone else wants to manage
   this communication another way, but I'd rather not drop it.

You could just say "Zope 3 is not compatible with Zope 2".

This is not acceptable in the long term.


It just depends on how you count feature releases; for marketing reasons you might want to call a significant feature advance Zope 4. If Zope 4 means a total rewrite from scratch, then please noooooh.

Fair enough. I certainly don't want to see another architectural change as big as Zope 3.


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