On Friday 22 April 2005 10:18, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Stephan Richter wrote:
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>  > I think of zpkgtools as a prototype for extensions that are necessary
>  > for distutils.
> Is it the Zope project's job to extend distutils, though? I mean,
> developing something new is nice, but there's a lot of a new stuff on
> our plate already, isn't there?

I wish it wouldn't and that distutils would provide what we need out of the 
box. But it does not, so we have no choice. I think zpkgtools will serve as a 
nice prototype for a distutils extension later on, like zLog did for logging.

> > Overall, I think that zpkgtools is very successful. And it is not
> > Zope-specific! Twisted could use it too.
> It's Zope specific as only the Zope projects are using it, as far as I
> am aware. Lots of people could use it, but I'm worried that without
> significant effort to promote and adjust this, it won't happen.

Well, but we do not have the manpower to promote it. I think there are a lot 
of technologies in Zope 3 that could use promotion in its own right.

> I mean, Twisted could use ZCML too, but they're not, and I doubt they're
> likely to, and they're the most likely project to use ZCML of them all,
> as they use zope.interface already. Granted zpkgtools is easier to
> distribute independently, but then again, for distributing ZCML we have
> zpktgtools. :)

Twisted has this idea that configuration should be done in Python. I 
personally think this was a big mistake! Their adapter registrations are all 
over the source files, which makes it impossible to replace an existing 
adapter with another. 

> Perhaps I'm wrong and zpkgtools takes time out of our hands overall
> already, including maintenance and learning curve.

It takes a lot of time off our hands! I was very surprised last week, how 
easily I was able to get the release building going.

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