Stephan Richter wrote:
On Sunday 08 May 2005 10:01, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:


I don't mind the two semantics. I just think that if tal:content and an explicit message id in i18n:translate is specified, an error should be raised. I bet you it does already.

Nope. I added a ZPTPage on a trunk instance and entered:

  <span tal:content="template/__name__"

and it worked. It gave me no compilation error, which IMO it should.

Also, we need a solution now, not one that goes through the proposal process first.

If the future of the Zope 3 development process means that for every thing we discuss a solution needs to be found *that* instance, then I don't think we'll get very far. In fact, I'm certain that we'll end in the same mess Zope 2 has cornered itself into.

A proposal driven development process is crucial to the quality of software that Zope 3 claims to have.

Also, please note that it is *very* difficult to implement new attributes in TAL, so someone would have to sign up implementing this; it would certainly not be me.

Now *that's* a valid point. But it touches a problem that we seem to run into often lately:extending and fixing TAL. Working with code that is not maintainable (at least you, I and many other people refuse to work on this code) is close to being worthless in the long term. Some day when Fred won't be handy for fixing TAL issues, we'll be in a bad fix.

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