On 5/19/05, Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As a result, Zope3 trunk can't use ZODB 3.4b1 (I tried -- doesn't
> work) before someone stitches the new ZConfig release into Zope3.  I'm
> willing to if nobody else is.  Ideal would be someone familar with the
> uses of the ZConfig socket-address and internet-address types
> currently in Zope3 code (they'll still work, but most could/should
> become the more specific
> {socket,internet}-{binding,connection}-address).

That's "inet", not "internet".

You must have been sending this email while I stitched the new ZConfig
into Zope 3; all should be on ZConfig 2.3 at this point.

Someone interested in Zope 2.7 should port do whatever is needed
there; I'm not following Zope 2.7 all that closely these days.  ;-)


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