[Fred Drake]
> That's "inet", not "internet".

OK, for consistency I changed ZConfig to use "sckt" instead of
"socket" too <wink>.

> You must have been sending this email while I stitched the
> new ZConfig into Zope 3; all should be on ZConfig 2.3 at this
> point.

Cool!  All the Z3 tests pass now with ZODB 3.4b1 stitched in, so I
checked that in too.

> Someone interested in Zope 2.7 should port do whatever is
> needed there; I'm not following Zope 2.7 all that closely these
> days.  ;-)

If introducing new types counts as a "bug fix", maybe someone should. 
It fixed a bug in Zope 2.8 on Windows, but my understanding is that
bug was unique to Zope 2.8, and because of a change made to SVN
ZConfig last year that wasn't also made to CVS ZConfig.  IOW, there
appears significant risk of creating more problems than it would solve
to try to move any of this back to Zope 2.7.
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