On Thursday 26 May 2005 12:53, Jim Washington wrote:
> I would rather not alter and maintain the foundation-level code in
> zope.app.pub*.  Would it be possible to do this as a product?  Presuming
> it is bad form to monkey-patch zope.app.publication.httpfactory, is
> there a more component-ish way to do the same thing?  Or would it be
> best to set-up a collaboration and put it in the core?

Here is how to do it for the current trunk.

1. Create your custom HTTPPublicationRequestFactory implementation, basically 
extending the __call__() method.

2. Create a server type using your own factory; see zope.app.server.http.

3. Register you custom server type as a utility, see 

4. In zope.conf use your custom server type.

5. Implement the protocol similar to XML-RPC.

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