Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 09:05:42AM -0600, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> | > I had started a similar editor using a Web UI. It was very functional and 
> did 
> | > all the hard parts already. I only had some wizard-like functionality 
> left to 
> | > do. I could send you the code, if you want.
> | 
> | Thanks, but I think a GUI environment is going to be much more
> | comfortable for both development and users.
> Shane,
> I would like to try out making a PyGTK frontend as well. Would be a
> nice challenge to make the code as independent of the UI as possible.
> Do you have any code right now or only plans?

I have only GUI code so far, because in this project, I want the UI to
drive the requirements.  I'm thinking about the code behind it now.

One strong impression I have is that while zope.configuration is
optimized for executing configurations, it isn't very good for editing
configurations.  For example, if the configuration has any mistakes,
zope.configuration refuses to load it.  That's not acceptable behavior
for an editing program.  Also, I need the editor to work even if the
Python code loaded by the configuration is buggy.  That means it's not
safe to load unstable Python modules while editing configuration.

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